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Let's learn together.
Is it your first time learning Korean?

People from all over the world who are interested in Korea have improved their Korean skills by learning CANKO, which was created based on the textbooks of Dongguk University Korean Language Education Center.

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learn korean - canko

step-by-step learning


learn korean - canko


learn korean - canko


learn korean - canko


learn korean - canko


learn korean - canko

Learning check

learn korean - canko

10 minutes
a day Korean

Unlimited Korean
learning is possible
for anyone of any age, regardless of location!

Essential education to properly feel and experience Korean dramas, movies, and K-pop


Would you like to understand what that means?


Have you ever missed a scene while watching translated subtitles?

learn korean - canko


Is it difficult to purchase products from Korean shopping malls?


Did you find it difficult to talk when you went on a trip to Korea?

Korean learning method is
different from the method!

Learning like a mother
tongue through direct learning method

learn korean - canko
learning method that presents learning goals for direct objects and situations, rather than learning through language as when children learn their mother tongue!

Connection, associative learning method
Maximize learning effect!

learn korean - canko
Learn sentences using learned vocabulary, set conversation situations using sentences, and associative learning in which vocabulary, sentences, and conversation naturally follow each other!

Native speaker's pronunciation and learner's
Pronunciation comparison analysis system!

learn korean - canko
The pronunciation correction effect increases as the learner realizes the difference from the native speaker's pronunciation on their own! ‘Intonation, stress, size, pronunciation’ comparison, providing additional feedback
learn korean - canko

Who made ?

Currently, the lecture know-how of the instructors of Dongguk University Korean Language Education Center is included. CANKO's domestic and foreign patented learning method consists of realistic learning contents necessary for actual conversation by participating in the entire process from planning to inspection by Korea's best educational contents expert researchers.

learn korean - canko

Experience the pleasure of speaking
through real conversation

Forget about difficult and complex Korean language!

Real life conversations used in Korea.

Speaking in Korean gives me more confidence and fun.

learn korean - canko
learn korean - canko

Compare and analyze the native speaker's pronunciation and learner's pronunciation 1:1!
You can speak like a Korean!

  • Native male voice provided
  • Native female voice provided
  • Scientific voice comparison system

Step-by-step infinite repetition learning by vocabulary,
sentence, and sentence type

After listening to the pronunciation first by vocabulary, sentence, and sentence pattern,Recording my pronunciation as it is, with a native teacher Compare my pronunciation Accurate pronunciation can be practiced through infinite repetition.

learn korean - canko
learn korean - canko
learn korean - canko

Provide feedback through my learning

My learning status is expressed in points and shapes
It's easy to see where you're lacking.

learn korean - canko
learn korean - canko

Study reviews

  • learn korean - canko U.S.A


    Simply use the app on the subway on your way to work!
    I am studying the Korean language course on the Canko app for a while on my way to and from work on the New York subway. I think it will be helpful for conversation when I visit Korea next month!
  • learn korean - cankoJapan


    Use it as a must-have app when you travel to Korea!
    t's an app recommended by a Korean friend, so if you listen to the pronunciation and repeat it, you'll quickly learn simple conversation. Why did this come out now ~
  • learn korean - cankovietnam


    Listening to K-POP music, imitate Korean now
    These days, I am obsessed with K-POP Korean music. But I know the meaning of K-POP while using the Canko Korean language copying app!
  • learn korean - cankoSpain


    I am teaching Korean in Spain
    There are not many textbooks for teaching Korean in Spain, so I teach Korean easily with the Canko app. I will strongly recommend!

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